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Plan to visit the Boise Fire Department historical exhibit at the Boise Sesquicentennial Store at 1008 West Main Street through September 27.

For Sale:  A Pierce fire engine which formerly served as Engine 101 with Whitney Fire, now as Reserve Engine 12.  Boise Fire asking $35,000.  See Idaho Statesman for legal ad and instructions.

Boise Fire Station 1 has closed bidding for improvements at Fire Station 1.  The pavement, sidewalks, and apron will be redone.  Details on the project can be obtained at

Station 14 has a new Pierce engine in its bay.  Painted in the same colors as Boise Fire instead of the solid red the new engine's front looks like Engine 16.  The former Pierce which was Engine 14 will become Reserve Engine 12 once the former reserve engine has been sold (see above).

A walking tour of Boise buidlinds that have sustained fires in Boise's past and a history of Boise's fires will occur on September 27 at 1215 hours.  The tour is one hour.  For more information, see .

Pictured Above:  Fire Station 2, located on Cartwright Road serves the foothills area, downtown, and north Boise neighborhoods.
The Apparatus of the Boise, ID Fire Department
Boise Fire Department Station 2 - Cartwright Road


A volunteer fire department was formed for fire protection in the growing city of Boise in 1876.  Because of fierce competition between the three different departments, in 1902, the city council voted to abolish the volunteer fire services and create a city-operated service.  This became the Boise Fire Department.

The focus of this site is to highlight the apparatus, both past and present.  Boise has, I think, the best apparatus in the country, and these apparatus change through the years and will into the future as Boise grows even more than the current 415,000 service area, as well as surrounding communities such as Meridian, Kuna, Star, and Eagle.

Welcome to this site.  If you like (or love) fire apparatus, this site is dedicated to those who have helped with the information.  I have taken all of the pictures on this site.  I hope that you enjoy the apparatus pictures as much as I enjoy the apparatus. If you have any questions, please let me know on the Contact Form.

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