Station 7

Station Location: 1666 Commerce Street

Station Call Letters: KGL498

Units in Quarters: Engine 7, Truck 7, Rescue 7 , Technical Rescue 7

History of Station 7

Station 7 started as part of the ARFF station at the airport, with Engine 7 being quartered in the same quarters as the crash rigs. This structure was built in 1965 when Boise Fire took over the Air Force fire operations from the south side of the airport at Gowen Field. In the 1990's the Airport took over operations of the Airport Rescue Firefighting, and Station 7 was relocated to the old Dixon Container warehouse at 1666 Commerce Street. Soon after, the city regained control of the Airport operations, with Boise Fire resuming manpower and equipment.
The current Station 7 was remodeled from the warehouse to house the technical and rescue operations for the state of Idaho. Rescue 7 retains a solid red color because of the possibility of out-of-district use. The white roofs common to Boise apparatus does not appear on the rescue rig. Engine 7, Truck 7, Rescue 7, and Technical Rescue 7 are quartered there.

Engine 7
ENGINE 7 is a 2003 Spartan/Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) 1500 gpm pumper. The chassis is a Spartan Gladiator FF series chassis with a cab that seats four. There is additional seating for two forward-facing passengers in the rear section by means of two fold-down seats (these can't be used when responding to fire calls, as there is no SCBA attached to them).  The body is built by Boise Mobile Equipment. It has a 500 gallon tank and Waterous pump. It is powered by a 430 hp Detroit diesel engine and has a complement of lighting by Federal Signal.

Other specifications are as follows:

  • Top-mount pump and speedlays
  • 42,500 lb. gross vehicle weight rating
  • Allison EVS automatic transmission
  • Air brakes with Anti-lock (ABS) braking system
  • Aluminum body
  • Rescue style compartments
  • Roll-up doors by ROM
  • Slide-out vertical tool boards
  • Stainless steel pump panel
  • Hale QMAX pump
  • Hale 5.0 foam system
  • 30-gallon foam tank
  • 270-amp Leece Neville alternator

Truck 7
TRUCK 7 is a 2003 Pierce All-Steer 110 ft. Tower Ladder built on the Pierce Dash chassis.  It made its debut during the Boise River Festival in 2003.  Due to it's size, the center bay door at the station had to be raised to allow enough clearance for the truck to pass through when it was first assigned as Truck 1. In Station 7, though, the bay doors are high enough to give the truck plenty of room for passage.
Rescue 7
RESCUE 7 is a 2004 Spartan/Boise Mobile Equipment Rescue rig.  This rig is based on the Spartan Gladiator Classic chassis, which is similar to the other Spartan/BME rigs in Boise's line-up, except for the difference in height of the cab's raised roof.  It is also 18 inches longer than the comparable pumpers.  The rig boasts a 35 kw power generator, 110-volt HID lighting with a boom light tower, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric powered rescue tools, cribbing, roll-out trays for all compartments, and two Bullard Thermal Imaging Cameras.  This rig is the regional response rig for all rescues and extrications and responds to all east-bound Interstate 84 extrications calls. This accounts for the solid red/marron color of the rig, as opposed to the normal white over red of the Boise Fire Department engines and trucks.
Technical Rescue 7
TECHNICAL RESCUE 7 is a 2004 Ford F450 4-door pickup with a Leer Commercial Topper on the back.  This rig also responds with Rescue 7 on technical rescue calls.
Old 13
OLD NUMBER 13 is a 1927 American LaFrance 500 GPM pumper, which was originally housed at the South Boise station. In 1948, the pumper was involved in a motor vehicle accident, but through restoration by local firefighters, is still used today for parades, displays, and other special events.

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