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"The Fighting 5th Sleepless Knights"

Station Location:
212 South Sixteenth Street

Station Call Letters: KYN977

Units in Quarters: Engine 5, Truck 5


History of Station 5

October, 1906 -  A firehouse is built at 16th and Front Street and labeled Station 3, which housed Chemical #3.  At that time, the building was a single story wooden structure with a bay that could hold a two-horse engine and two firefighters.  In 1907, the third firefighter was added when the city brought on Lieutenants.

In 1912, a two-story, 2-bay, brick firehouse is built behind the existing station at 212 South 16 Street (the present address) and becomes Station 2.  Station 2 housed a steam engine and a hose wagon.

In 1920, budget cuts within the department resulted in the closing of the brick Station 2.  The 1920's was a period of struggle between low wages.  Many firefighters leave the department.

On February 1, 1951, under the direction of Steve Taylor, the newly appointed fire chief (1950), Station 5 was opened at the Sixteenth and Front Street station.  This was to be the third different station assignment to this building. (See the histories of Station 2 and 3 for information on how this building was quarters for companies 2 and 3).  Five was also the maximum number of stations at this time, until Station 6 opened in 1962.  The total number of Boise firefighters numbered 76. In 1972, Truck Co. 5 was formed when Boise purchased an American LaFrance Aerialchief.  In 1979, the kitchen is remodeled, with part of the remodel involving closing up the windows between the kitchen and the apparatus bays.  In 1991, the truck company was moved to Station 6, leaving only the single engine company.  More remodeling occurred in 1999, which greatly improved the dorm rooms into separate rooms, bathrooms for men and women, and separate shower areas for men and women.


Engine 5
ENGINE 5 is a 2007 Spartan/Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) 1500 gpm pumper. The chassis is a Spartan Gladiator Classic series chassis with a cab that seats four. There is additional storage for equipment in roll-up cabinets location between the front seats and the back on the outside of the cab.  The body is built by Boise Mobile Equipment. It has a 500 gallon tank and Hale pump. It is powered by a 400 hp Detroit diesel engine, which has been made compliant with the new EPA standards for diesel emissions.  The lighting is packaged by Federal Signal. It was the first of four new Spartan/BME engines to go into service in this order for four new apparatus and the first to go into service.. Other specifications are as follows:
  • Top-mount pump and speedlays
  • 42,500 lb. gross vehicle weight rating
  • Allison EVS automatic transmission
  • Air brakes with Anti-lock (ABS) braking system
  • Aluminum body
  • Rescue style compartments
  • Roll-up doors by ROM
  • Slide-out vertical tool boards
  • Stainless steel pump panel
  • Hale QMAX pump
  • Hale 5.0 foam system
  • 30-gallon foam tank
  • 270-amp Leece Neville alternator

A 2007 Crimson Fire 103 ft. Tillered aerial powered by a Spartan Gladiator Chassis tractor. The rig was assembled and completed at the BME facility in Boise, as a partnership with Crimson Fire and Boise Mobile Equipment (BME)


Fire Station 5 Location Map

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